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Kingston Releases New V100 Firmware to Address Data Loss Bug

While I was at CTIA last week I ran into a friend from Kingston who let me know about an issue with the JMicron JMF618 based SSDNow V100 SSDs that were released last year. We never formally reviewed the V100 here on AnandTech but I tested the drive and we occasionally included scores from it in our reviews.

With the original firmware on the V100 there apparently a chance you could lose data. Kingston wouldn go into specifics other than the usual "this only impacts a small percentage of users" line we typically get with things like this. Kingston has an updated firmware that apparently fixes the problem available here.

Note that I never saw the original issue and I just now got access to the fixed firmware, so approach with caution. If you own a V100 drive back up and give this thing a try.

The full release from Kingston is below:

We have learned that a small percentage of our SSDNow V100 sold in the past has experienced a technical issue on the firmware. Kingston strongly recommends that a firmware update be applied to all SSDNow V100 drives to prevent possible data loss.

The firmware update to fix the technical issue is available via Kingston Technical Support. As with any firmware update, we recommend that you back up your data prior to applying the firmware revision.

bji Tuesday, March 29, 2011 link

You’ve been warned. JMicron can’t make a reliable product, it is simply not within their ability, and they have been the source of fiasco after fiasco in the storage world. When Kingston annouced a JMicron based drive after everyone else had come to their senses and realized that no one should ever use technology from that company again, I was sure that something bad would come of it. Well, here is the proof.

Research your drive. If any part of it has the word JMicron on it, run away, fast and far.

I myself own an ASUS motherboard with a JMicron controller on it, it’s only used for IDE which I do not use but just having that controller on there unused still makes me feel . We don’t know the GPU clock

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