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How to Wash bras and panties

The most used and most washed articles of clothing are undergarments. Underwear, specifically bras and panties, are in desperate need of attention after each and every use. They’re not like a pair of jeans, wearing them twice in a row is not a good idea, nor clean. Shabby’s not chic when it comes to lingerie. Use a little extra care to keep your lace and silk bras and panties looking good.

Soak your dirty garments for 5 minutes, making sure they’re completely wet. Gently rub spots or stains, being careful to not catch the lace or snag the silk.

Instead of hand washing your bras and panties in the sink, you can take them into the shower with you. Use a dab of mild shampoo and squeeze the suds through the material.

Step 3: Dry lingerie

Roll the wet lingerie in a towel to remove excess water. Lay the garments flat until dry.

Don’t use a dryer for your fine bras and panties the heat destroys the elastic and the tumbling can ruin underwires.

Step 4: Wash everyday undergarments in washer

Place dirty everyday bras and panties in a garment bag and wash it in your washing machine on the delicate setting. These garments typically aren’t as fragile as lace or silk, but should still air dry.

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