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What Country Does Macaroni Come From

Pasta has become very identified with Italy and Sicily, but we are not completely sure when or how the food arrived there. The theory apparently is only a romantic myth, because there are several mentions of pasta in historical documents from Italy and Sicily from as early as the mid 1100s.

Most researchers agree that pasta likely spread from Arabia to Sicily by Arab traders and conquerers between the 5th and 8th centuries. An Arab geographer wrote in the mid 1100s that a flour based food shaped like strings was being produced in Palermo, which was an Arab colony.

Macaroni Penguin Facts for Kids

Macaroni penguins inhabit a number of islands in the Antarctic and sub Antarctic regions, including Crozet, Kerguelen and the McDonald Islands. While Macaroni.

What Country Does Strudel Come From?

Authentic strudel is a very sweet pastry made from thinly rolled dough with a sweet filling. The most popular and well known strudel.

Where Does Gnocchi Come From?

Gnocchi is the name for a thick, soft, small dumpling that is a traditional dish in Italian food. It can be made.

The rhythm and blues genre (R is a result of a great deal of musical evolution, and has a fascinating origin.

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