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Five Basic Skills in Swimming

Swimming takes a little coordination. You need to move your legs and arms in tandem, as well as time your breathing and swimming strokes for maximum efficiency. Swimming skills also include diving into the water to get a good, smooth start on your stroke. If you’re not comfortable breathing while swimming, you’ll struggle to make streamlined, coordinated movements. The basic idea involves breathing out through both nose and mouth when your head is underwater, then lift your head to the side, taking a full breath before plunging your face back down under the surface. In his book "Swimming: Steps to Success," David G. That’s fine. It takes a while to get a feel for moving your limbs in time. You must also get used to moving muscles in your lower back, abdomen and hips to power you forward. Similarly, try to let your legs come up behind your body, and keep a slim, streamlined position. , while requiring slightly more coordination than front crawl, offers a stable, gentle stroke that’s ideal for beginners. To do the breaststroke, you need to stay straight at the water’s surface, holding your head up. Pull your arms in together with the hands almost touching. As your hands reach your chest, bend your knees and lift your feet up in a frog like shape with the soles of your feet pointed out to each side. Push back with your legs and reach forward with your hands simultaneously. This double propulsion should help you surge through the water. into the pool is a basic swimming skill even if it starts out of the water. Always practice diving in a deep pool with a lifeguard on duty. When you begin, diving may only involve putting your hands together above your head and gently curling your body forward toward the water until you fall in, headfirst. As you progress, try jumping slightly and straightening your legs behind you as you dive to enter the water smoothly.

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