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Different Ways To Button a Sweater

Sweaters that button up often called cardigans can be worn in more ways than you think. Deciding how to button your sweater can make a huge difference in your look. From ladylike to relaxed, you can achieve these different looks with the fastening or unfastening of a button or two.

Prim and Proper

If you prefer a polished, ultra femme look, button just the top button of your cardigan, and wear it over a simple T shirt or camisole. Cinch the look even more by pairing it with an A line skirt. If you want to make it more edgy and unexpected, swap out your your cotton, silk and chiffon for a leather, A line skirt. Slip on a pair of heels or ballet flats, and you’re all set.

All Buttoned Up

Button your cardigan all the way up and wear it like a top. This is ideal if you want your cardigan to be the star of the show. Leave a button or two loose at the top to stay cool if it’s warmer out; you’ll still get the same effect. This look pairs with everything from skirts to slacks and jeans.

Don’t Button it; Belt it!

Swap out your buttons for a belt. This is a fantastic way to cinch in your waist to obtain a slimmer silhouette. This is also a great way to pull in a cardigan without buttons. Leave a few inches between each side of your cardigan so you can see your belt and top underneath. Thicker or skinnier belts both work depending on your preference.

Let It Be

If you want an easy look, don’t button your sweater at all. Instead, let it hang loose. Try this, especially, with cool graphic tees and pair it with a skirt and fun shoes such as ankle boots; however, it works with all tops, so blouses and camisoles work, too.

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