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Animal cruelty and abuse in China

I was due in work late this morning. A quick blood test at the doctor’s was booked for 8.45, which meant a late start and a lie in. The lie in vanished, as Leo one of my rescue dogs needed to pee at three in the morning and then again at six. With an enlarged heart and water tablets taken three times a day this often happens to him. Bless him though, he cannot help it.

So I was up around the usual time, with some time on my hands. You may be wondering where this is going but stay with me. An extra mug of tea and a proper watch of the morning’s television news seemed a good bet. Perhaps it was not as the coverage from China left me feeling sick and upset.

Reader’s please be aware that the videos and words below are not pleasant. They are a fact of life for too many though and we need to be aware of that.

I am well aware of China’s terrible human rights record. I am also well aware that animal welfare in China is a non existent concept. Well that is not strictly true as I think some in roads have been made.

I created a hub sometime ago about China’s animal Olympics and brutal killing of dogs. I have also read other people’s work about animal treatment in China. Today’s news though shocked me to the core. I think it was the whole picture.

Zoo keepers or trainers were walking behind a small bear cub as it crawled along on all fours. They beat its backside and back legs with sticks until it raised it back legs and walked just on its front ones. Each time its legs fell they were hit with the sticks.

Tourist buses full of Chinese parents and children were in a circle. In the middle were a handful of Tigers. A truck pulled up and off loaded a large, live calf onto the ground. As the Tigers pounced and ripped the poor creature to death the buses slowly circled and you could see the laughing, happy faces of the people on board. They loved it.

Tigers in a cage with their trainers. The trainer puts is head close and in the animal’s mouth. Dangerous? Apparently not. The Tigers have had all their teeth and claws removed causing them a lifetime of pain.

A small bear is dragged around on roller skates with its hands tied and mouth gagged. It is dressed nicely of course so as not to cause offense.

Of course there was more but I shall spare you the details. Check out the video and details at Sky if you need further proof.

One of the most distressing aspects of these videos was the sheer enjoyment that the spectators received from the animal’s suffering. Small children giggled excitedly, clapping their hands as live roosters were thrown to the tigers.

There have been reports of mass animal graves full of dead zoo animals that have died of malnutrition, terrible living conditions such as bare concrete pitch black areas where the animal’s are kept and animal’s being terribly beaten on a regular basis.

I am not sure where this rant is going but I know that something must be done and done soon.

When I last wrote about China’s animal cruelty I was surprised by some of the responses left in the comments. Most surprised by those left by God fearing individuals. It is alright making excuses but in the meantime these poor creatures continue to suffer, in the name of entertainment.

Many years ago we were no better. We actually went one better in some ways, I guess, and threw people to the lions. I have no way of understanding that. All I can say is that at the time the people were barbarians and knew no better.

In the 21st Century are we not civilised? Many acts of cruelty meted out to people, children and animals make you wonder if we are. However, in the case of China. it has to be no they are not.

Gratifying oneself by making an innocent, helpless creature suffer at your hands is far from civilised.

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Having written four Hubs about my little rescue dog Leo I sort of knew that part 5 would be the final chapter. With a massively enlarged heart and daily medication he was never going to get better.

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The Haitian earthquake of 2010 has touched so many people.

With reports reaching the public of survivors still being pulled alive from the rubble ten days later, there is obviously much to do. By this stage of a.

Stephanie 13 months ago

I was introduced to this horrible topic a few days ago when a friend showed me a video of a fur farm. Ive read through all these comments but I feel like they haven’t made any progress. There are sooo many people opposed to what china is doing but with no main outlet to stop it. Are there any rescue/rally groups that go to china to protest this? Dont the chinese have any religious beliefs about mistreating animals? Is there any way to help other than just writing letters and donating money? ?

chris 23 months ago

I went to China recently and was absolutely appalled by the cruelty towards animals that I saw everywhere. It completely put me off the country and the people. Even some really kind, warm hearted people I met seemed totally oblivious to the cruelty. It’s like they simply don’t see animals as living things, just a source of food, annoyance or entertainment depending on the circumstances. And the situation is actually getting worse not better. As people are getting a better standard of living they are eating more meat. Literally millions of pigs are slaughtered each day having had a short and pain filled existence up to that point.

sylvia 2 years ago

I am chinese and I can’t stand my own people. Many have declared that China has been targetted. I don’t think so. I appreciate and am grateful for the chinese in China that are changing the laws. I only hope and pray for a swift death to the pathetic generation that still believe in animal witches brew for their delusional belief of healing powers. I hope the next generation is kinder and educated. I pray everyday that these animals who endure such suffering simply die a quick death. I am So sorry.

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